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Hiya folks, I'd like to talk about a new project I've started called elevations. Elevations is an album, eventually a quite long one, that will develop over time. It will mostly be comprised of guitar improvisations (as its first two pieces are), but the intention is that it will grow to encompass other forms of musical expressions too- drones, looped melodies, synthesizer or sample-based pieces, the odd folk tune played on guitar and sung…

The idea is that it's an album that can be subscribed to. It's free for anyone to stream, and there are two ways of subscribing. The first is the free tier, in which you can stream the audio of it on this site just as you can do without subscribing, but you'l be notified when new tracks are added (you'll also be subscribed to a mailing list notifying you of shows, new releases, and other news, on a semi-frequent basis). Then there's a paid tier that allows you to download elevations too, in high quality audio. This starts at just $3/month, and if you want to pay any other amount over $3, you're very much welcome to do so! I'll endeavor to put up new tracks about weekly or at least every other week, and keep it going through the whole of 2024. 

Any contributions received in the way of paid subscriptions can make a meaningful and significant difference in the amount of time and energy I'm able to spend on this project. Don't get me wrong, I'll be doing this anyway, but I'm envisioning a kind of resonance we can achieve together, with your ears eager to hear and absorb more, and my imagination and the motivation and ability to act on it. To call upon the fire, as the song goes. Let's make something really cool happen.